Trauma-focused psychotherapy in Somerset

Private therapist referrals

As well as welcoming self-referrals for assessment and treatment, Vicki also accepts referrals from GPs, psychiatrists and affiliated health professionals.

She has undertaken court and legal work for various solicitors, providing treatment and assessments following claims for psychological injury.

You should normally only request treatment if you can travel to the practice for treatment sessions in Wincanton. You can be referred for psychotherapy treatment by a consultant or other specialist, or by your GP, or you can simply refer yourself. If you are being referred by another professional (a GP, consultant or another specialist), please give the other professional Vicki Ritson’s e-mail address and telephone number. For contact details please click here.

Treatment via Skype is also possible in some circumstances, for example, if it is not practical for you to travel to the practice. Telephone treatment is not always appropriate, however, depending on the kind of treatment you need, this can be agreed.

Paying for treatment

Vicki Ritson only provides private treatment. She does not currently provide any NHS treatment. Many people find that CBT is an affordable form of treatment even if they do not have private medical insurance or funding from an organization.

If you have private medical insurance, then your insurance might cover the cost of your treatment or part of the cost. Contact your insurer before you are referred for treatment. Some insurers have conditions that you must satisfy. For example, some insurers require you to be referred by a consultant. Your insurer usually gives you a case number or authorisation number for your CBT treatment.

You might have other sources of funding for your treatment. For example, your employer or an NHS trust might agree to fund your treatment. In this case, ensure that you have a source of funding before you are referred for treatment. There might be conditions that you must satisfy.